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            Welcome to Shenzhen Xinchangheng Technology Co., Ltd.


            Stick to ingenuity and have successfully provided precision parts processing services for 5000+ customers

            XinChangheng·Company Profile

            Decades Of Growth In The Field Of Precision Parts Processing Give You A Guarantee Of High Quality!

            Shenzhen Xinchangheng Technology Co., Ltd. Was Established In January 2008. The Company Is Located In Shenzhen, The Capital Of Innovation. The Company Is A Half-hour Drive From Bao‘an Airport And Only 7 Minutes From Shenzhen North Railway Station. The Transportation Is Very Convenient. The Company Specializes In High-precision Mechanical Parts, Hardware Accessories, Security Equipment

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            Why You Choose·XinChangheng

            Xinchangheng, keep improving


            Xinchangheng Technology was established in 2008, and its business scope includes the production and sales of hardware accessories and electronic accessories. With a number of internationally advanced and domestic brands of CNC machine tools and high-precision testing equipment, colleagues and a team of professionals, continue to provide quality management levels to ensure product quality.


            Quick quotation, timely access to product production materials, quick access to production time and other data


            Quickly complete the ordering process and arrange production on the machine in real time. To ensure fast and flexible on-demand manufacturing and delivery. The efficiency is increased by 50% and the price is reduced by 30%.


            Quality technology is the life of an enterprise. We start with production and every employee, focusing on quality and improving quality.


            We have a professional quality inspection team to ensure that the best quality products are delivered to customers. When we receive customer complaints, we follow up and deal with it as soon as possible, and improve production until the customer is satisfied.


            Fully meet the needs of precision parts processing in all walks of life

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            Optical Probe 3

            Optical Probe 1

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            Focus on the field, win and lead the future!

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